Saturday, January 27, 2007

People are Sick Motherfuckers

Earlier this month I wrote about my mom's new doggie, Tiger. He's a mixed-breed doggie, short and stubbie, with gigantic paws and about seven months old now. He's a great dog, very loving, and craves underarm scratching. He loves to play and will grow up to be a giant dog.

That is, IF he grows up.

On Thursday afternoon, some motherfucker took him out of our backyard. Stole him right out of the backyard, where he had been cheerfully playing in the snow. Some asshole climbed over a 12 ft. stone fence and took him from his home. He's out there, somewhere, and I don't even want to think of what may be happening to him right now, at this very second. I hope that whereever he is, he's being treated well, but if some asshole motherfucker had the nerve to steal him, some asshole motherfucker has the gaul to treat him badly. I hope that their lives are forever ruined for what they did. I hope one day this comes back to them twenty fold. That may not be good for my karma, but at this second, my karma is pissed off and sad.

We're trying to find him, but in a situation like this, I fear it's going to be impossible.

Good luck, Tiger. I hope you can find your way back home. Your play toys and your backyard and all the love my mom and I have for you are waiting.

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