Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leftists Protesters Trying to Demoralize the Troops

United for Peace and Justice Anti-Escalation Protest, Times Square,
January 11, 2007

United for Peace and Justice, in association with, staged several demostrations in New York City today to protest President Bush's escalation of troops in Iraq. The protest met at the Times Square military recruitment center, and of course there was a small band of right-leaning folks claiming that 'leftists' were demoralizing the troops. Yup, that would be me. I'm trying to demoralize my two nephews, one of which is currently stationed in Iraq right now. Right. STFU.

Anyway, the protest brought about 500 people to Times Square, with the usual chants and the usual suspects, sane and otherwise. I can admit that the left, along with the right, has some crazies. My friends and I ran away when a sign stating, "9/11 was an Inside Job" came too close to us. Alas, it's the price to be paid in activism today, I suppose.

The back of the anti-anti-war protesters' sign was interesting. It read, "Complete the Mission First and Then They'll Come Home." Sounds great to me! Sure, let's complete the mission. Uh... what's the mission?

If only we had been told straight up from the beginning of this 'mission' that we would be in a neverending war with a neverending trail of bad management, bad decisions, and bad judgements, then maybe, just maybe, I could have been suckered into supporting the everchanging 'mission.' The lies and the incompetence have me wanting desparately to bring the troops home.

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