Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Meet [Detroit] Tiger!

My mom's new puppy, Tiger. He's a cutie, his paws are huge, and he's about five months. We think he's gonna be mammoth!


Who, Me? said...

OMG, how adorable!!! My friend Holly got her daughter the CUTEST Beagle puppy! They named her Chloe! She was playing with all the paper and boxes lying all over the living room! She slept on me most of the evening, and was even snoring!!!

Elderta said...

Tiger will be able to eat the beagle in no time! His paws are HUGE!!! Though my mom told me he's actually named after Tiger Woods, not the Detroit Tigers. She said she didn't even think of the Tigers until about a month after she named him. Mom cracks me up sometimes!

So glad Chloe has found a wonderful home!!!

KEvron said...

look at that winning smile!