Monday, February 26, 2007

Andi Warholas at the Alt.Oscars 2007

Kostume Kult held their Second Annual Alternative Oscars at Manahatta yesterday. The Andy Warholas showed up with Edie Sedgwick this year, in honor of that Factory Girl movie that came out, which we heard was horrible. Or at least Lou Reed told us it was horrible.

First we met at the Washington Mutual:
Andis Do Their Favorite Thing: Get Money
Photograph by Kurt Opprecht

We headed over to Mannahatta (across the street from the now defunct CBGBs) to walk the red carpet, but Edie was late, as usual. Late and incoherent. As usual.

2007, by the way, is the 20th Deathiversary of Andy Warhol's passing.


Warhol had checked in to room number 1204 of New York Hospital's Baker Pavillion under the name of Bob Roberts, listing his next of kin as FRED HUGHES. He kept his wig on throughout his hospital stay, including during the gallbladder operation. During the operation the surgeon also repaired a hernia which Andy had since his shooting in 1968. (DD5-10) Although the gallbladder operation went fine, Warhol died early in the morning - on Billy Name's birthday - from an unexpected heart attack. According to Vincent Fremont, Andy "was just getting back into filmmaking at the time of his death." (UW74)

Here's the official video from last year:

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