Monday, May 08, 2006

Pisces Blue

I haven't posted since I got back from Halifax; I want to relate about the rest of my trip and also about the fascinating Halifax Explosion of 1917, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I did an Andi Warholian event on Sunday, and then my cat went into heat something fierce (she was suppose to get that taken care of on Monday, but alas, I have to wait until tomorrow now). Unfortunately, I've been Pisces Blue for a couple of days, so things are a little sluggish. In fact, my Vanity Fair forecast in "the Anderson Cooper on the cover issue" pretty much sums it up:
Because your mobility makes you feel a bit freer, go right ahead and buy that new car when a lunation occurs in your third house. *ok, that won't be happening* Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that you can still bop around at will, although it won't change the fact that this is a bizarre period for you. While you can avoid getting lost in your head by staying in touch with people (the stable ones, anyway), with your 12th house still so active you must cope with doubt or grief by holding on to whatever shred of faith you have left.
Whew... it's good to know the thoughts of throwing myself in front of the 4 train are only temporary... as long as I can hold on to faith... in something.

Wish me luck.

If you have an idea of something I can have faith in, please, please, leave it in the comments. Quick, time is of the essence.

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