Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yes, you thought only those gals from "Sex in the City" loved Fleet Week (May 24-31), but think again... it's one of my favorite 'Holidays' in the City. In fact, my friend Liz and I love to call each other when we see a gaggle of see-through and white-panted fellows on the New York streets. What is even more delicious is that not only can one see hot American sailors (and some not so hot looking ones, too), but also sailors from all sorts of countries. In the past, I've seen sailors from Britain, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Holland.

I think I'll have to make a date with Liz to head around Times Square and go sailor watching. It's such a wonderful New York sight to see!

Some Flickr examples:

Four Sailors and a Starbucks
Sailors at Chilis, Times Square
Foreign Sailors
Three Sailors in Times Square
Two Camos and a Gay Flag
Dress Marine at World Trade Center with Camo Camera

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