Sunday, October 30, 2005


I have a cat, goes by the name of Zanzibar. She's a lovely little thing, and I've had her since she was born. I live alone, so when I come home, she's a treat and a friend indeed to have around.

Now, she's got a big problem, something called hyperthropic cardiomapathy. It's a heart disease that thickens the heart muscles, which makes breathing difficult and blood clots can form, which is bad for humans and cats alike.

With treatment, she has an unknown time to live, like all of us, but her time has been shortened dramatically, anywhere from three months to three years. I love her very much, and will do all that I can to help her live as long as possible. I don't have much money, though, and that's always a problem with doctor's bills and all. And I have pet insurance!

Anyway, there's picture of The Zanzibar above. Send some good wishes her way!


Red Tory said...

Zanzibar... great name!

Sorry to hear about the medical problems both of you are experiencing. Best wishes regarding her cardio situation.

Our cat is completely useless. Even by cat standards... A fact that I find somewhat perversely amusing.

Red Tory said...


Forgot to mention this. Nice makeover on the blog! Looks great.

Elderta said...

Thanks, Martin... now if only the content were better, I'd be in business! Haha! :(

And thanks for the good wishes. She'll be ok one way or the other. We all gotta go one day, you know. But she'll live on in cyberspace forever! Actually, she's doing a little better with her medication and a bunch of vitamins I've been shoving down her throat.

Anonymous said...

great name, indeed! homage to brunner's novel, maybe?

i love animals, and cats best of all. hope your little buddy pulls through for you, 'derta.


Jessica D said...

Hey Tanya - So sorry to hear about your cat! I know how you must be feeling. I live alone also, and I lost my best kitty friend in June. I send my best wishes and happy thoughts.

I accidentally clicked on the link to your blog from the B4B discussion list after I read your post about Marc Maron. Somehow I had missed the announcement about AAR not renewing his contract. When I signed the petition I was #897, and a few hours later it was up to about 1200. I also e-mailed some of the other shows and all of my friends. It would be a terrible thing to lose him. I really hope they're going to change their minds.

It's a great thing to have a blog! I've often noticed your posts, and it's great there's forum like this for your writing. I've been meaning sign up for a while, since I'm constantly sending out mass emails to people. I signed up for one today, and I'm going to let all my friends know so they can stop receiving all my rants in their inboxes.

Jessica (Jackie Dough)

This should make it even harder for me to find a reason to leave City Island unless I'm working. I've grown too tired of the insanely long commute to the City/Brooklyn and it's too expensive to take cabs. Basically, I skipped over the marriage/kids stage and have gone straight into the Grandma stage: cats, crossword puzzles, earl grey tea, writing elected officials to complain -- yep, just call me Granny Jess!

Elderta said...

KEv, I wish I were so read as to have done Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar," but maybe now I'll read it! No, I've always been interesting in going to Zanzibar one day, and just thought it was a cool cat name. She's my third cat with a "z" sound; Shambelle (named after a Police song) died as a kitten; Zimmalora Wolf actually wound up with Brad Friedman from Brad's Blog and lived out her years in California after I gave her to him and he moved out there. I asked him recently how Zimm was, but unfortunately, she passed away after 15 long years. Anyway, that's the story of her name!

And Jackie Dough! Thanks for stopping by, come on by anytime. I've been a little lax in writing, but the cat emergency has drained me a bit. I'll hopefully will be posting something new tonight. Blogs are fun and a place in cyberspace to call your own!

Jessica D said...

Excellent. I so was inspired by the big butt train story, I stayed up late and created a blog - Of course I immediately got spammer comments. So annoying. I have an older Mac and have to figure out how to navigate through my browsers which are a bit out of date.

I'm working on a little pet film project at the moment. Hopefully I'll get to shoot something before the end of the year. I'm actually looking for some people who wouldn't mind being on camera. I see you have some acting experience - let me know if you have an interest. I'm interested in bringing together & working with female film technicians, creative and talent. I worked in film for a long time, most of my friends are still in it. It's still such a completely male dominated business - I'm determined to give a chance to a more diverse crew & cast. I can tell you more about it.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts and well wishes!