Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Public Editor Speaks

But will the Times listen?

The Miller Mess: Lingering Issues Among the Answers

The drumbeat to Miller's dismissal gets louder.

If you follow the link to Calame's take on the case, you will find a link where he has posted emails sent to him by Keller and Miller regarding their take on the situation.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Is that a drum beat I hear?


Elderta said...

Loud and clear! Even if Fitmas doesn't hand down indictments, she should be a goner. But maybe I'm just a dreamer!

Carl said...

I'm still not understanding why she wasn't marched into Keller's office the day these accusations about Libby and her started to gain ground, nailed into a chair and forced to disclose the precise nature of how she received Plame's name.

And then hustled out of the building by two burly security guards and thrown for distance into the street.

Elderta said...

Some things are just beyond understanding, Carl. She's a pal of Pinch back in the dawn of days. Loyalty to her might be more deep than we think. Plus, the Times probably wanted to wait and see what happens. After any indictments that might be handed down, maybe then the hammer might drop. But who knows? I don't understand either.