Thursday, October 06, 2005

1964 was a good year

So, I've entered the blog world for the second time. The first, a complete failure, but it's good to try again, I suppose.

So, why the title, "At the End of the Boom"? Well, I was born in 1964, the 'official' end of the baby boom. But it can also work as a triple-entendre: at the end of the American boom; at the end of the bomb comes the boom.

I've always been fascinated by being a baby boomer. But being at the end of the cycle is a little like coming to the party late: you can still get in, but mostly everyone is already gone by the time you get there. It's a little like being invited and then some folks won't believe you actually have an invitation. There's all kinds of arguments that 1964 wasn't the actual end of the boom (and I'm too lazy to go and find them for you, so there), but just suffice it to say that I'm late and no one cares if I'm here or not.

Anyway, my blog will be a mismash of stuff, items on politics, life, and a compilation of news of the day. Pretty much like every other blog on the 'net, only mine.


Anonymous said...

always thought the boom ended in '62. none the less, being the fifth of six children, i've always considered myself a boomer by association. while my birth year ('64, like you) may fall at the cusp, my sensibilities and cultural references are definitely boomer affected.


Elderta said...

I've seen it end at '62 and '64. But mostly I see the timeline between 1946-1964.