Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yvany: Billie Holiday Contest Finalist!!!

You might remember a few months ago I posted a link to my friend, Yvany's, "Desperate House Child" blog. (She hasn't updated it since March... dang, I thought I was bad not having updated my blog since June 5th... sheesh...)

When I wrote about her blog, I specifically mentioned that she had just posted a recording she made of a Billie Holiday number in order to enter Baltimore's 17th Annual Mayor's Billie Holiday Vocal Competition. I just got a call from her, and she's ONE OF TEN FINALISTS FOR THE CONTEST!


The event takes place in Baltimore on Sunday, July 23
Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
1212 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-783-8000

Here's a tiny bit about the event itself:
Initiated in 1990 to honor Baltimore's own jazz legend Billie Holiday on the 75th anniversary of her birth, the vocal competition commemorates Holiday's contribution to music and is designed to encourage and support emerging vocal talent in Maryland through funding, exposure and recognition. The competition was made possible through the generosity of Procter and Gamble Cosmetics Foundation, Inc, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and The Afro-American Newspapers.

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