Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wordplay: The Movie

The lady in the poster to the left is Ellen Ripstein. We worked together as researchers on the Regis Edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." She's a bloody genius!

Go see her in the documentary Wordplay, opening around the country on June 23 (which also coincides with my 6th month anniversary of not smoking, woohoo!). The Wordplay site has interviews that highlight Ellen as well as other contestants in the American Crossword Puzzle Championship. In the interview, they ask Ellen the burning question everyone on the planet wants to know: Pen or Pencil? (I know you were dying to ask that... ok, maybe not dying to ask it.) After a number of times reaching the crossword championship finals, Ellen won the kit and kaboodle a few years ago. I told you she was a bloody genius, didn't I?

And while you're at it, go and read her LiveJournal blog about the life of a genius-crossword puzzling, movie-star jetsetting, goddess.

The film also has interviews with folks like former U.S. President Bill Clinton and comedy pundit Jon Stewart. You'll also learn more about crossword puzzler and Sudoku master, Will Shortz, the Master Puzzlermaster. Which is redundant, but it's late and believe me, I'm no bloody genius.

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