Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday is Stop Gay People Day

Unfuckingbelievable. Unfuckingbelievable.

How many more days do we have to live with this guy as President? How many more days until the Republican Party lead us closer and closer to immigration, race, and anti-gay wars here on the American front?

Unfuckingbelievable. Unfuckingbelievable.

From Atrios and Americablog, we have this rant from Jack Cafferty. I use to watch CNN's Morning Show and Cafferty would rankle my haunches. But the old geezer is hopping mad, and I don't blame him:
CNN's Jack Cafferty rips Republicans for wasting time on gay marriage when country has so many other priorities and problems to address
by John in DC - 6/03/2006 11:13:00 AM

Via Atrios:
Guess what Monday is? Monday is the day President Bush will speak about an issue near and dear to his heart and the hearts of many conservatives. It's also the day before the Senate votes on the very same thing. Is it the war? Deficits? Health insurance? Immigration? Iran? North Korea?

Not even close. No, the president is going to talk about amending the Constitution in order to ban gay marriage. This is something that absolutely, positively has no chance of happening, nada, zippo, none. But that doesn't matter. Mr. Bush will take time to make a speech. The Senate will take time to talk and vote on it, because it's something that matters to the Republican base.

This is pure politics. If has nothing to do with whether or not you believe in gay marriage. It's blatant posturing by Republicans, who are increasingly desperate as the midterm elections approach. There's not a lot else to get people interested in voting on them, based on their record of the last five years.

But if you can appeal to the hatred, bigotry, or discrimination in some people, you might move them to the polls to vote against that big, bad gay married couple that one day might in down the street.
In America, we still have a problem within our borders with other people we don't like. In fact, it's very easy, in my opinion, to tip America into discriminatory acts (on the parts of many people) of violence, that would be difficult to hold back. I fear racial and discriminatory violence more than anything else in the world besides a race riot or a terrorist attack.

This administration is just begging for ugliness. I fear they just might get it.

Bush will speak on this today from the Rose Garden. If you can bear it, you can hear or read his White House Radio Address here about the subject.

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