Saturday, December 24, 2005

Live Free

Well, 'tis the night before Christmas, and my mother and I are watching "It's a Wonderful Life." Mind you, I have boycotted "It's a Wonderful Life" for the past eight years at least. I don't know, you get to a certain point and you just can't buy into George Bailey's yearly salvation by an angel... since life don't really work that way. It's actually quite refreshing to watch it after all these years.

There's a commercial right now. A very long commercial.

Anyway, last month, I blogged about the segment I saw on CurrentTV regarding the Freedom Quit Smoking Laser Therapy, and how I would love to do it if I had the $399 fee... and I mentioned how great a franchise it would be to own. Well, in full disclosure, I got an email out of the blue from the owner, Craig Nabat, saying that if I would still like to try the treatment, I could do it for 1/2 price. (Gosh, the blogging life... incredible!)

So, even though I was a bit strapped for cash due to the impending possible surgery of my cat, I know I also need to quit smoking once and for all. And if this works, well, the better for me. I've tried a million things, cold turkey, patches, anti-depressants, yada yada yada. I tried the laser therapy yesterday, and truthfully, I haven't desired a cigarette since. Well, maybe twice, but one snap of the little "Freedom Wrist Band" that hurt like hell, and I promptly remembered that I just spent $200 on a final-ditch effort to stop smoking once and for all.

I'll blog about the process more in the coming days, but suffice it to say, so far, so good.

And thanks, Mr. Nabat!

I'll explain Live Free later also.

Have a Merry Christmas folks.

Back to It's a Wonderful Life.

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