Saturday, December 10, 2005

Foot. Mouth. Disease. Ahmadinejad.

The motormouth of Iran has managed to do it again. The "Death to Israel Crowd" is awfully tiresome. The "Relocate Israel to Europe Crowd" is a pretty funny bunch. Unfortunately, not funny ha-ha, but funny, that's a stupid freaking idea.

Last month, I blogged about Iran's new President Ahmadinejad's comments regarding Israel. He went off about Israel, and I noted some comments from the website This month, he's at it again, aiming his comments back at the country, and making the even more ludicrous statement that the Holocaust never happened. Ok, right, sure, whatever.

Where is this Iranian game heading? God only knows. Is Iran trying to bolster Palestine, trying to save their own face, or truthfully, trying to start the Great War against the Great Satan (is that the U.S. or Israel these days)?

If Iran wants to start something, wants to elevate the rhetoric between the U.S., Israel and Iran, or wants to put its European allies and Russia into a even bigger endgame bind then they already are... well, they are certainly heading in the right direction. Foot in mouth disease is hard to cure. Let's hope that Ahmadinejad can get over his disease pretty soon. And let's hope there's a breakthrough between Israel, Europe, the U.S., Palestine (yes, Palestine), and Iran soon. God willing.

I'm not optimistic.

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