Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Of all the things that could happen right now, this happens!

From the Guardian UK:
Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia

· Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar
· Parliament, ministries, banks, media targeted
· Nato experts sent in to strengthen defences

Ian Traynor in Brussels
Thursday May 17, 2007
The Guardian

A three-week wave of massive cyber-attacks on the small Baltic country of Estonia, the first known incidence of such an assault on a state, is causing alarm across the western alliance, with Nato urgently examining the offensive and its implications.

While Russia and Estonia are embroiled in their worst dispute since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a row that erupted at the end of last month over the Estonians' removal of the Bronze Soldier Soviet war memorial in central Tallinn, the country has been subjected to a barrage of cyber warfare, disabling the websites of government ministries, political parties, newspapers, banks, and companies.


If it were established that Russia is behind the attacks, it would be the first known case of one state targeting another by cyber-warfare.

Russia opens up an unexpected front. Round and round we go. Where it stops, goodness only knows.

Modern Estonia is known for its cyber network and as a hub of technology for Europe. Having constant "Denial of Service" disruptions would wreck havoc on the economy. The country, traditionally tied to Russia and the Soviet Union as a satellite state, entered the European Union in 2004.

Hopefully the dispute between the two countries will resolve itself without escalation. What's the next step in a cyberwar, I wonder?

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