Sunday, April 30, 2006

This is What Plutocracy Looks Like

We Billionaires For Bush were hanging out at the United for Peace and Justice mass rally in New York City on Saturday, poking fun sticks at the hoi polloi, who just loves it when we poke them with our witty repartee.

Here we are showing them what plutocracy looks like.

About an hour into us standing in front of the Chase bank, a guard came around and told us to tell the rally folks not to take pictures of us in front of the bank. Yeah, we'll get right on that. It was of no moment, however, because the sun was just about to stop shining on our side of Broadway and our glory, so we moved across the street to stand in front of Best Buy. Which was as good as standing in front of Chase and a tad more ironic anyway.

More about the rally at and thanks for the photo and vid.

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