Saturday, March 11, 2006

Battle of the Fancy Feast Frists and Fords

Would it ever be possible for the Republican Party to act like grownups?

Hmm... doubtful.

I was reading Crooks and Liars and came across a posting regarding the National Republican Senatorial Committee's new "Fancy Ford" website regarding the alledged spending habits of Tennessee Representative Harold Ford as he runs for the Senate. Ford is running for the departing (praise Jeebus!) Bill Frist's Senate seat.

If indeed Ford's got a personal spending problem (unlike any other member of Congress /snark), then fine, go ahead and make an issue of it. But can ya do so like a grownup and not a five-year-old runnng for what is supposed to be the 'noble' house of Congress? Is that possible? Even for the Republican Party? Wait... wait... don't say anything... I know the answer to that.... NO.

The Fancy Ford site, with its slick styling, is reminiscent of an infomercial. OK, fine, but on top of that, look at that uppity Negro with the fancy meals, pedicures, white women (hey, it's the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on the front page!) and penchant for flowers. Ok, those combined do sound a little cracked, I suppose, bu on top of that, have they no idea that "Fancy" makes him sound like a step and fechit fancy dancer from the days of the Cakewalk? DO THEY?

I'm sure there were more mature ways of pointing out Mr. Ford's spending habits than what the high falutin' men and women of the Republican National Senatorial Committee's advertising staff came up with. But, in reality, it's just another political season of hate and immaturity coming from the Republicans. You would think when their president is hovering at only 37 percent, and their own numbers aren't that great either, that they would try a different, sensible, compelling, and intelligent, nay, more mature, way of smearing their opponents.

Oh, what the hell do I expect anyway?

So, in the name of eye for an eye, the Dems have put up a "Very Fancy Frist" site.

Kinda sounds like fancy frist feast cat food.

Kinda sounds like a retort from a five-year-old, too.

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