Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Don't They Just Shoot Themselves First?

I know it's harsh to say. I just don't understand it. Why shoot yourself AFTER you kill others and THEN kill yourself? Just shoot yourself first and take your damned misery with you.

Thirty-three people dead at Virginia Tech, including the shooter, who is reported to have killed himself at the end of his rampage. Maybe he wanted to go down in history because his life wasn't worth it in the first place? Maybe he knew that he wouldn't get out alive or would face the Virginia death penalty? Maybe he just snapped after reportedly shooting his girlfriend in a domestic dispute? Maybe something else horrible happened to him? Maybe he was just a loser who couldn't control himself and wanted to inflict as much pain on others before he took himself out of the equation?

As a semi-practicing Buddhist, I know I'm suppose to have compassion for all beings, but sometimes it's just tough. There is no excuse for what this young man did, no matter for what reason. It can't be justified at all.

At the same time, my thoughts turn to those who are being killed in Iraq by bombs at the hands of suicide bombers. Again, just blow yourself up first for your cause and don't take your misery or perceived glory out on others. It's all horrible.

Please, take a bit of advice: Just kill yourself first and spare everyone else the pain.

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