Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Prince Harry Got Him Some

I have to admit it: I've had a crush on Prince Harry since he was 14.

Of course, this means that I was only 18 at the time... *coughwaterspitcough*

Personally, I have always thought of young Harry as the cuter and more dynamic of the amazing Prince Wonder Almost-Twins. And yes, this would mean that in actuality, I could be considered a little... odd... with the fact that I'm only *coughcolaspitcough* a few years older than he.

If I were Prince Harry (or any Prince, for that matter), I would probably do no more or no less than what the young pipsqueak has done. Drink some beer? Smoke some grass? Grab some boob? Yeah, sounds like a plan.

Geez, he's only what, 22 at the most? He's doing the exact same thing as Princes and homeboys of yore have been doing for centuries. Drinkin' and gettin' some. Geez, leave the bloke alone, eh why don'tcha? I think she was getting her some, too. Princesses (and homegirls) should get some, too.

I try not to get so "crazed" over teenage/young adult sexual contact. One rule: no babies. As to sexual contact, they are going to touch each other; it's the law of men and women. I just hope whoever took that picture was not a friend. That would suck. It coming out sortly after the news that English youth were maybe trying to detonate some planes was... well... shall we say... hmmm... ill-timed. We'll leave it at that.

There will come a day when Prince Harry will need to do the right thing... and he will do it. When it comes to certain Princes of England (and homeboys), when the time comes, in love or honor, they have mostly come through. Mostly.

Have fun, Harry. Just not too much of it.

Okey, I do realize that I go from a rant on Iran to a "ooh, young rich prince punk having a good time." It's good to be flexible, I think.

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